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Nicola talks about EHE on BBC Radio Bristol

Nicola's first 2 years of parenthood have been overshadowed by her EHE rare cancer diagnosis. Nicola appeared on BBC Radio Bristol on 12th May to help raise awareness of EHE, and to support EHE research. If you would like to support Nicola and rare cancer research then you can do this easily by making a donation through Nicola's Justgiving page at:

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Milly Simmie raises funds for EHE rare cancer research

Milly Simmie, diagnosed with EHE the day before her wedding in 2015, was able to tell her story on Radio 5 Live on Monday 18 th April. Since her diagnosis, Milly, and her husband Alastair, have thrown themselves into fundraising to support critical research into EHE rare cancer. If you want to support Milly, and rare cancer research, you can donate on Milly Justgiving page at: