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Buy a Beanie for EHE Research

EHERCC has introduced our new ‘Just Live’ beanie hats to help raise funds for EHE research. Each beanie hat costs just £6, 100% of which goes to EHE research. So please Buy and Beanie and help us fund critical EHE research.

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Landbay take on Tough Mudder to support EHE and Artur Rozwalak

Artur Rozwalak has been battling EHE since 2017. His colleagues at Landbay wanted to show their support for Artur and will therefore be taking on the Tough Mudder Challenge at the end of September.

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An ‘Oar-some’ challenge

Many people look to take on arduous events and challenges. Some ride huge distances, some climb mountains, some tackle muddy obstacle courses; but Sarah Medwin stunned us all when she announced that her son Charlie would be rowing across the Atlantic. Crickey, now that is a challenge.

In December 2019, we will embark on the challenge of a lifetime. All Oar Nothing will be attempting to row unassisted across the Atlantic Ocean in support of four incredible charities: Right To...