Run by volunteers

One of our charity’s principles (see OUR PRINCIPLES in the ABOUT section) is to ensure that the greatest possible percentage of the funds we receive is used for front-line research, by minimising the business running-costs of the charity.

We achieve this in two ways. Firstly we rely almost exclusively on our trustees, members and other volunteers to provide the administration and other business needs of the charity on an unremunerated basis. Secondly, where we do face small but unavoidable charity business running costs, these are paid from a completely seperate budget, the funds for which are provided by a single donor. In this way our supporters, donors and fundraisers can be assured that the funds we receive from them (allowing for the costs of the sites that adminsiter the collection process, such as Just Giving) are spent entirely on delivering our front line objectives.

We are therefore always interested to hear from people who wish to offer their time and perhaps skills that are useful to us. This could be legal or financial experience, operational experience in fundraising, communications and public relations, or indeed medical and/or research experience. If you want to help, please contact us through the CONTACT page.

Examples of areas where you could help might include:

Fundraising Events: Helping us organise and run events for the charity.

Communications: Helping with the preparation and mailing of information packs that may relate to raising awareness of EHE, seeking funding, engaging with other rare cancer and sarcoma organisations etc.

Updates: Providing reports and updates on charity progress and activities to our members and donors.

Response: Providing a timely response to all contacts and requests received, and providing the appropriate answers or guiding the person involved to the correct resource that they are seeking.