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Jessie Jars campaign raises over £1,000

Last year Jessie Hayman asked people to collect their small change and donate it to EHERCC to help fund EHE research, and so the Jessie Jars campaign was born. The campaign was a huge success and raised over £1,000, exceeding everybody's wildest expectations.Jessie, you are an inspiration.

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#positivepants campaign launched

Nicola Henderson launches the EHE #positivepants campaign. This is a simple way to donate funds to help EHE research while also having great fun.

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Crowdfunding Campaign to be launched

As the EHERCC and its two sister foundations continue to drive and promote EHE research, there is a growing need for funding and a clear programme to finance. While our members continue to amaze us with their fundraising drive and performance, we recognise that an additional fundraising drive would be very beneficial. A crowdfunding compaign is therefore being considered late 2017.