Buy a Beanie for EHE Research

Epithelioid Haemangioendothelioma (EHE) is an indiscriminate and often destructive cancer occurring in men or woman at any age and which is often aggressive in children and young adults. Little is known about this rare cancer, and there is no systemic treatment, so patients  have little idea of what to expect going forward.

To treat cancers like EHE, we need to know why they occur, how they spread, and everything about the disease’s natural history. We can only answer these questions through research. We are currently funding part of Dr Rubin’s dedicated EHE research team at the Cleveland Clinic in the USA. We are also in discussion with several other research groups in the UK and internationally, about new areas of EHE research. The opportunities are exciting. We will however need to continue to raise funding for this research, and so, as part of our fundraising programme, we have launched our ‘Buy-a-Beanie’ campaign.

So if you want to help fight EHE please 'Buy a Beanie'. All you have to do is send details of the number of beanies you want, the colours (red or yellow) and your address, to, and donate £6 for each beanie requested to our 'Buy a Beanie' campaign page at:

The price includes postage. We will match emails to donations and send your beanies to you.