Fundraising programmes


Our objectives

Research into EHE is extremely limited. In fact the only coordinated research programme we are aware of is the international research being led by Dr Rubin from the Cleveland Clinic in the USA (see our RESEARCH section). We believe we are extremely lucky to have such a high-quality and collaborative research programme already in progress. Our research and funding objectives are currently focused on supporting this programme. In particular, we aim to provide additional research personnel to Dr Rubin’s team that he may periodically require to allow him to accelerate the four key components of the programme. These will of course be in addition to the new post-doctoral researcher that joined Dr Rubin's team late last year, and was funded by a grant from EHERCC, awarded in 2016.

In addition we are also seeking to raise funding for collaborative research that Dr Rubin is coordinating in third part labs, as well as research being discussed with other institutes in areas such as immunotherapy.

Whatever the new work we hope to fund, we think of it in terms of researcher's time and costs. Each new researcher costs around £75,000 (US$90,000) per annum. So, our funding objectives are built in blocks of this amount.


"Road to 500"


Our first fundraising programme is to raise a series of regular pledges from individuals and organisations that will, over a two- to three-year period, deliver the £75,000 (US$90,000) per annum needed for an additional researcher. We have defined a regular donation of £12 (US$15) per month, or £144 (US$180) per year as one EHE Pledge. We hope this represents a realistic monthly contribution that many people could afford. Therefore, 500 EHE Pledges will fund a researcher or an equivalent cost of research. And so the Road to 500 programme was launched. It is the EHE Group objective to raise these pledges and so help fund EHE research, either through Dr Rubin or other researchers. We hope that some people will be able to donate more than £12 per month.

If you want to help us along the Road to 500, please go to the DONATIONS page in this section and set up a monthly pledge. We will be very grateful.  




"100 Club"


Some of our members who may not be able to make a regular pledge told us they wanted a programme where they could raise funds through events and other fundraising activities. We therefore took our annual total target of £75,000 for a researcher and broke this down into 100 donations of £750 each and set ourselves the challenge of raising 100 such sums to fund our  research. Each event that makes a donation to this programme will bring the day closer when we can beat EHE. If you cannot make a pledge but do want to help raise funds, please join our 100 Club programme. We will be very grateful for any help you can give.





But any donation will be fantastic

So while we have described above fundraising programmes and ideas, we will be extremely grateful for any donation that you can make, regardless of size, as it will be the collection of many donations of all different sizes that will ultimately help us raise the funds we need.