Ideas and events

Free donations from shopping

One of the easiest ways to help us raise funds is by shopping online through one of the charitable shopping sites with whom we have registered. This is so easy, with every purchase you make resulting in a donation to EHERCC. We have registered with Easyfundraising and The Giving Machine. Click on either of the logos below to go to the EHERCC page for that sites. If you enrole, select EHERCC, and shop through these sites we will get valuable donations. And if you can share this with all your contacts and communities, we will be doubly grateful.



EHERCC donation and pledge gift certificates

Some of our members came to us and said that they would like to make a donation or a pledge as a gift to somebody special, or to celebrate an occasion. Whether it is for a birthday, Christmas, wedding, an anniversary, or any other purpose, we felt this was a wonderful idea and so developed the EHERCC Pledge Certificate and the EHERCC Donation Certificate as shown here. If you want to make such a kind gesture and want to have something you can give to the recipient on the special day, then just send us the name of the recipient and details of the occasion and we will send you the appropriate EHERCC Gift Certificate.



EHE fundraising months

To assist our members and those members of the public helping us raise funds, we decided it would be great to have at least one month a year when everybody associated with the EHE sister charities would commit to a fundraising event, knowing that others around the world are doing the same in that month. Such months are not rigidly set. We maintain flexibility to try and accommodate national holidays and other key calendar events although, with members worldwide, this can be a challenge. We will announce these months below and through our patient forums like the EHE Facebook Page. Obviously we also hope that people will continue to raise funds throughout the year as well. Our Fundraising Months are just to create additional  focus to help our overall fundraising and to inspire greater group involvement. You are all invited to join in and help raise funds.


               Next EHE Fundraising Month: April 2018  


EHE monthly challenge

Periodically, we will launch a new challenge for our members and the public through our patient forums. These will not always involve fundraising. On some occasions we will set challenges simply to create engagement, fun and awareness of our campaigns. We hope you will feel able to join us in meeting whatever our monthly challenge may be.


Fundraising ideas

If you want to help and would like some ideas, download our FUNDRAISING IDEAS FOR EHE RESEARCH information sheet which you can find in our RESOURCES section. Our members have completed and are also organising a variety of events to raise funds: sponsored events, cake sales, car washing days, golf tournaments, quiz nights, concerts and charity balls, to name but a few. If you want to share your own ideas or propose a fundraising event, please contact us through our CONTACT page.