An amazing relay completed

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9 February 2020

It was on 1st January 2019 that Allana Parker posted news that her four wonderful friends, Natalie Ellis, Samantha Power, Ellen Cramoysan, and Sophie Kitchen, were embarking on a 400 day relay to raise funds for EHE research. These were four very determined ladies who were joining the fight against EHE under the name #EHERelayRaisers. Each of the four completed amazing challenges over their 100 day section of the relay.

Their relay ended on 4th February 2020, just 4 days before their EHE Masquerade Charity Ball. Supported by a huge group of wonderful friends, family, colleagues and members of the public, the EHERelayRaisers had raised an amazing £4,424.49 which was presented to the EHE Rare Cancer Charity Chair, Hugh Leonard, at the Masquerade Ball.

Allana, presenting the cheque with her four friends, thanked them for their wonderful support and noted that further donations had been promised.

Hugh Leonard noted “this is an absolutely stunning result and is entirely due to the tireless energy and support of these four wonderful friends of Allana. It is only because of people like Natalie, Sam, Ellen and Sophie that we have been able to achieve anything in our fight against EHE. We are so grateful to them all.

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