Another great charity lunch

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12 December 2021

At the end of 2019, Charlie Medwin and two friends rowed the Atlantic in support of Charlie’s brother, Harry, who has EHE. Sarah Medwin, Charlie and Harry’s mother, also wanted to help raise funds and at the same time support Charlie in his amazing challenge.

So Sarah held her first EHE charity lunch. Brilliantly supported by a great group of friends, the event was a huge success. Sarah then decided she would hold an EHE charity lunch annually, not knowing that the 2020 event would be lost to COVID restrictions. So when December 2021 came around, Sarah and her friends once again set about organising a special lunch event to raise money for EHE research. Sarah explained:

“It was an amazing event. Sadly about 20 people could not attend due to COVID, but they all still paid for their ‘lunch’ which was tremendous, and we still had over 30 who took part. Lots of people contributed with the result that we had a wonderful three course lunch with wine. Starting with mini quiches and pork bites, we then moved on to main courses which included Turkey and 2 hams, lasagne, roast potatoes and lots of salads, and finished with profiteroles, trifle, and 25 individual puddings. I cannot thank people enough for their amazing generosity and support!”

Special thanks go to all those who contributed, including Janet Waring, Sarah’s brother, Amanda Redfern, The Clipper (a local café), Katrina Drummond, Heather Crawford, Sarah’s Mum, Debbie Coyles and Sue Davey; and all those who brought drink, made donations and generally had a great time. Together this fantastic group raised £1,850 in support of Sarah’s son Harry and EHE research, and when added to the matched funding campaign, their total rose to £3,700. Well done guys. A brilliant effort!

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