April EHE Awareness Month launched

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1 April 2017

In February and March the EHE foundations worldwide started to post and remind members worldwide that April has been designated as EHE Awareness and Fundraising Month. As many members will remember, April 2016 was the first year we ran this EHE Fundraising Month. This was a great success, raising over $50,000 across the three EHE foundations . It was an inspiring effort, and great fun for all those who took part.

On the 1st April the EHE Awareness Month got underway with multiple events organised across the globe. The USA have major events planned including their EHE Virtual 5K Run/Walk and the #run4 event. Australia launched their campaign with a High-Tea event in Darwin. EHE supporters of Nicola Henderson in the UK launched the #postivepants campaign (see details on this website), while other EHERCC members had organised raffles, 5K walks/runs, sponsored weight-loss, car-boot sales, and other events.

Hugh Leonard, “Chair of Trustees of EHERCC, said “it is tremendous to see the level of drive, enthusiasm and support that so many people have when it comes to raising funds for EHE research. It always leaves us feeling quite humbled, and determined to make sure that we do all we can to spend that money effectively in fighting this terrible cancer”.

If you want to join the battle against EHE, then there are many different ways to do this. Details are provided within this website, or you can contact us at contactus@ehercc.co.uk



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