The Atlantic Ocean conquered

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20 January 2020

On 12th December, Charlie Medwin and two of his closest friends, Lewis Matthews and Tom Whittle, set off to row the Atlantic under their team name, All-Oar-Nothing, in support of their respective charities, supported by their close friend Chris Slack who had had to pull out at the last minute due to injury. What was their 38 day adventure like? That is best told in Charlie’s own words.

One sensation which resided in all of us every hour of every day was the relentless nature of the ocean.

The first two weeks the weather system meant we were thrown into a baptism of fire from day one. Not only did our bodies have to adjust to new sleeping patterns, excessive exercise and seasickness but now we also had to contend with huge waves throwing us around like rag-dolls, knocking us off our seats and breaking oars.

The second fortnight we were in a high pressure system with no wind and blazing sunshine which meant we would often collapse off the oars after rowing shifts of close to 3 hours during the day in the sweltering heat. The only respite in this period came from an extraordinary experience when a whale, larger than our boat, surfed alongside us and swam with us through the waves for over half an hour.

The final ten days felt like a never-ending journey where we experienced probably the toughest conditions during the crossing and heard a number of boats around us had capsized. The days ticked by and on day 38, with 30 miles left to go, we could see Antigua!

All-Oar-Nothing are now in the process of selling their boat, and will then be able to tally up the funds raised. Charlie’s brother Harry is an EHE patient and Charlie therefore decided to raise funds for the EHE Rare Cancer Charity. Charlie hopes that he will be able to donate a final sum close to £25,000. Coupled with major donations previously made directly to the EHE Rare Cancer Charity in support of Charlie, his final total for funds raised will be very close to £40,000!

We want to all once more thank Charlie, Lewis, Chris and Tom, for their fantastic effort and support. We are in ‘oar’ of what these guys did in support of the EHE Rare Cancer Charity and their other respective causes. We also are very proud of them.

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