Boot Camp Commandos are on the march!

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6 February 2022

The 26th Edition of our EHE Group quarterly newsletter, The Pledge, featured a brilliant group of supporters on the front cover called the “Boot Camp Commandos”. They had started their group training, led by veteran and firefighter Lee Ralph, to help cope with the physical and mental stress caused by COVID lockdowns and isolation. Their fundraising, including their wonderful Three Peaks Challenge, had raised more than £7,000.

Amazingly, this wonderful group of 25 super women did not stop there, as they drove on to their next major event, a full half marathon during which they would take it in turns, in teams of six, to carry a 70kg log while they ran the 13+ half marathon miles.

On January 23rd this extraordinary group of women set out on their 13 mile ordeal, running from Temple Quay Fire Station in Bristol to the Beaufort Hunt pub in Chipping Sodbury. While physical fitness and mental wellbeing were two key objectives of this group, the third was to support their friend Nicola by again raising funds for research into EHE, an ultra-rare form of cancer which Nicola was diagnose with in 2014.

Their run was widely covered on social media by the team and their supporters, with live video feed and lots of photos. There was lots of support from the public on the route, and huge support from family, friends at the end of their run, including Chipping Sodbury Mayor James Ball.

That support was also very evident as the total on their fundraising page continued to climb. The original target of £500 was quickly exceeded, as was their next target of £2,000. As of today’s date, the page total is sitting at £7,127 with an additional £1,233 in gift aid, giving an unbelievable total of £8,360.

Nicola joined her friends to support them during the challenge. "The team are INCREDIBLE with a legend of a leader. I can never express my gratitude to them for the amount of money and awareness raised for EHE RARE cancer UK.”

Chipping Sodbury Mayor James Ball also congratulated the ladies: “It was a privilege to welcome the team as they arrived back after their gruelling charity run. It was a monumental achievement, matched only by the staggering amount of funds they managed to raise for such a worthy cause.

Hugh Leonard, Chair of Trustees of the EHERCC, was equally amazed and grateful. “Through this event and last year’s Three Peaks Challenge these wonderful women, called the Boot Camp Commandos, have raised over £15,000 for EHE research. We could not be more grateful for their totally brilliant commitment to the cause. We know that they are driven by a desire to support Nicola, but at the same time they are also supporting the global EHE community. They really are totally awesome”.

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