Charity fundraising passes £250,000

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17 July 2016

The EHERCC is delighted that it’s fundraising performance has exceeded expectation by a very wide margin, having passed a quarter of a million pounds on 9th June.

“When the EHERCC went live in August last year we really were not sure how we would do” said Hugh Leonard, Chair of Trustees. “I think if you go back to the discussions at that time, we felt that a £50,000 target for the first year would be realistic. To have passed £250,000 after just ten months is extraordinary”.

The Charity was able to fund an additional researcher for Dr Rubin in February, after just six months. Kate Hooper, one of the Charity’s other Trustees said “this fundraising success has been achieved through the dedication and generosity of the Charity’s members, their supporters and the general public. They should be very proud of what we have achieved. We are also grateful”.

While the performance has been wonderful, the Charity realises that this is just the start. “We have to repeat this level of performance in 2016, and if possible exceed it” said Hugh. “The research we need to fund will continue for several years. Our target is to ensure that we can continue to provide a significant element of that funding every year, and so deliver the research and clinical advances we need to develop understanding and help to successfully treat this horrible disease.”

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