Dr Oliver Pearce joins the EHERCC Board of Trustees

node leader
20 September 2020

One of the key areas that the EHERRC Trustees are always keen to explore are ways to enhance the research understanding and capabilities of the Board of Trustees. Dr Kate Hooper explained “while Liz Milligan and I both have technical backgrounds, we are definitely not cancer research specialists. So bringing in real expertise on to the Board of Trustees was an obvious objective, helping us with the development of our research strategy, engagement with possible researchers, evaluation of grant applications received, and the ongoing monitoring of the projects we are funding.

The Charity is therefore delighted to be able to announce that Dr Oliver Pearce, Group Leader at the Barts Cancer Institute in London, has agreed to join the Board of Trustees. Oliver’s lab at Bart’s is focused on the tumour microenvironment (TME), where they are particularly interested in understanding the composition and function of the tumour extracellular matrix in immunosuppression.

Hugh Leonard explained “Oliver’s lab is not working on EHE, but Oliver brings real, up-to-date, cancer research expertise into the Board of Trustees. We are all so excited to have him join us. There is also a personal connection for Oliver as his cousin was diagnosed with EHE in 2005. We know that Oliver will be able to play an important part in our activities as we continue to strive to fund EHE research and seek new treatments and hopefully find a cure for EHE”.

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