Dr Rubin’s drug screening assay is progressing well

node leader
30 June 2018

Dr Rubin’s drug screening study is going well. His team successfully transferred the screen to the Case Western Reserve Drug Screening Core where they screened a 1400 compound repurposed chemotherapy library and a 50,000 molecule Chembridge drug-like compound library. They are in the process of running compounds identified in the primary screen through their pipeline to focus on the most promising molecules for drug development. Dr Rubin is optimistic that this approach will yield active compounds that could be developed into treatments for EHE. The design of the drug screen takes advantage of a vulnerability of the primary fusion protein (TAZ-CAMTA1), that is found in virtually all EHE’s and is the main engine that drives EHE. Inhibition of the fusion protein should be very effective therapeutically.

The EHERCC was delighted to be able to contribute the funding required to access the compound libraries, and for the purchase of the Alpha Beads that are a core component of this exciting research.

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