Dr Stacchiotti joins UK Advisory Board

node leader
20 September 2021

Hugh Leonard was delighted to be able in  confirm that Dr Silvia Stacchiotti had agreed to join the Research and Medical Advisory Board (RMAB) of the EHE Rare Cancer Charity (UK). The Advisory Boards fulfils a critical role as they provide the research and medical expertise to support the Trustees. This is particularly important when the Charity is considering grant applications, as well as the strategy with regard to key areas of EHE research that we need to encourage and promote. Hugh Leonard commented:

Of course Dr Stacchiotti is already well known to many of you. She has always been a champion of EHE research and clinical improvement. Dr Stacchiotti was a leading proponent of the use of Sirolimus in the treatment of EHE. Many of you will also remember that it was under Dr Stacchiotti’s guidance that ESMO (the European Society of Medical Oncology) undertook its EHE consensus meeting in December 2020.

The meeting, with its goal being the “Development of the Consensus and Guidelines for EHE Treatment”, and chaired by Dr Stacchiotti, brought together over 90 EHE clinical and research specialists from across Europe, but also from the USA, Japan, India and other international centres. The resultant consensus paper was the first such document for EHE, and will form the foundation for future ongoing development of guidelines relating to EHE. Hugh went on:

We are so grateful, and very lucky indeed, that Dr Stacchiotti has agreed to join our UK charity as well. We welcome her and look forward to working with her as we seek to build a greater clinical and EHE focus across Europe.

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