EHE at CTOS Conference

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7 November 2015

November saw the hosting of the Annual Meeting of the Connective Tissue Oncology Society (CTOS) in Salt Lake City, USA. The EHE Group were delighted that Dr Rubin was able to present his latest results and the progress of his research programme. The conference was also attended by Dr Robin Jones, Head of the Sarcoma Unit at the Royal Marsden Hospital.

Jane Gutkovich, Research Director of the EHE Foundation in the USA, was also at CTOS and had the opportunity to address the conference. Jane Gutkovich also took the chance to network with as wide a group of specialists as she could, continually promoting EHE awareness and seeking ways to encourage collaboration and engagement with key clinicians.

The growing profile of EHE due to Dr Rubin's work and Jane's engagement is beginning to have a material effect on interest in EHE within the research and oncology communities. We believe that this is already opening up exciting new opportunities for EHE understanding and progress in the immediate future.

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