EHE Foundation hosts second webinar

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18 March 2017

The second EHE webinar was hosted on 18th March by Jane Gutkovich, Director of Research at the EHE Foundation (USA), and was dedicated to immunotherapy. Areas discussed included recent immunotherapy advances; how immunotherapy can be applied to EHE; and what steps are being taken towards its application. Part of the discussions focused on the importance of the human gut to the immune system, and the growing body of evidence supporting the fact that a patient’s ability to deal with cancer is affected by what is happening in, and the health of, their gut.

The EHE foundations were delighted to have Dr Breelyn Wilky, one of the leading experts in immunotherapy in sarcomas, taking part and presenting in the webinar. Dr Wilky was also able to update members regarding the immunotherapy clinical trial she is running in Miami, as well as answer and offer her opinions on a range of different questions relating to EHE. The EHE foundations were extremely grateful for the time that Dr Wilky gave to participate.

Further webinars are being scheduled. Jane’s next webinar is likely to focus on biomarkers, their importance to understanding EHE, what they might be able to tell us, and efforts being made to advance this research.

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