EHE included in new drug trials

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11 February 2016

The EHE sister charities were delighted to be informed that Epithelioid Haemangioendothelioma has been included as a target sarcoma within a new drug trial currently being launched by the Miami University in the USA. The project, headed by Dr Breelyn Wilky, will be testing the effects of two drugs in combination, Axitinib and Pembrolizumab, on soft tissue sarcomas including EHE.

This is an exciting development as rare cancers often struggle to get attention in such trials due to their rarity and the limited numbers of patients available. There is of course no guarantee that the trial will prove successful for EHE, but it's inclusion is an exciting new development in the ongoing research to find new drug regimens that will help to first manage and then treat EHE rare cancer.

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