EHERCC Chair attends research open day

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11 November 2017

One of the core goals of the EHE foundations is to increase awareness of EHE, and one of the ways of doing this is by reaching out to charities and foundations that are working in similar areas. The Bone Cancer Research Trust (BCRT) was one such group, and when they invited Hugh Leonard, Chair of Trustees, to attend their open day to see the research they are undertaking at the University of Sheffield Medical School in the UK, he jumped at it.

Hugh posted on the EHE Facebook page “I spent a great afternoon today at the Bone Cancer Research Trust open day where the research they fund at the University of Sheffield Medical School was presented, with a tour around their facilities. Really interesting work and lots that is similar to the research we are looking at. As always others have trodden the road we are passing down and can guide us and help us as we go”. The EHE Rare Cancer Charity, The EHE Foundation (USA) and the EHE Rare Cancer Foundation Australia are all continuing the dialogue with several different research establishments in their respective countries to promote and discuss EHE research and identify those that are interested in helping us.

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