EHERCC closes out 2016 having raised over £235,000

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15 January 2017

EHERCC has enjoyed fantastic support from so many members and their support teams through the year. The drive, imagination, and determination of these groups has been inspiring. And the funds raised have been exceptional. Across the whole of 2016, the charity had raised over £235,000.

Jeff Collins, Trustee, said “when we first set up the charity we really were not sure how it would perform. I think I can safely say that the actual performance has exceeded out most optimistic projections.”

This whole sum will be available for EHERCC’s front-line activities, and will almost entirely be used to fund research. Jeff Collins explained “one of the key performance metrics charities are judged by is the percentage of funds used for their primary activities. We are very fortunate as the charity is run entirely by volunteers. In addition, the business running costs that are incurred  by the charity, and they cannot be entirely avoided, are currently funded by a single donor. That means that 100% of all other funds we receive are spent on our main charitable objects, and that in reality is almost exclusively EHE research”

Hugh Leonard, Chair of Trustees, commented “we could not be more grateful to all those who have supported us in 2016. We are dedicated to beating this rare cancer, but it is our members and their supporters who will make it possible. There are too many to mention here. They know who they are, and we remain enormously grateful for their ongoing support.”

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