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13 May 2019

The EHE foundations were delighted to conclude arrangements to sponsor a new research proposal in the USA. The grant application was submitted by Dr John Lamar, based at the Albany Medical College, and came through Dr Guy Weinberg’s Telluride YAP, TAP & TEAD workshop. The research is looking to test the hypothesis that the TAZ-CAMTA1 fusion protein that is core to EHE is subject to regulation by Hippo-pathway independent mechanisms that could be exploited to inhibit TAZ-CAMTA1 function and so treat EHE. Dr Lamar intends to use his extensive expertise in developing mouse xenograft models to assay cancer growth and progression in vivo (see objective 2 below).

The project has two core objectives:

  1. To identify regulators of the TAZ-CAMTA1 fusion protein and assess their therapeutic potential; and
  1. To establish model systems to assay TAZ-CAMTA1 function in vitro and in vivo and use to test therapeutic potential of candidate TAZ-CAMTA1 regulators.

On receiving news that his grant application had been successful, Dr Lamar commented “Thank you very much for the good news. We are excited about the project and are very grateful for the support of the USA, UK and Australia EHE groups.” We are also excited by this project and of course wish Dr Lamar and his lab every success in their research effort.

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