EHERCC holds its first video conference

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14 July 2020

The EHE Rare Cancer Charity UK held its first ever video conference on 14th July. Chair of Trustees, Hugh Leonard was delighted to invite not only the UK members but many participants from other countries.

We hope not to go on for too long, but would like to tell you what the charity is up to, introduce a few people, get excited about the EHE research we are funding, even more excited about the international collaboration that is in progress, and our fundraising objectives. Most of all we would like to get your feedback as to anything you would like to see happening or any ideas you have. After all, you are the guys that we are really doing this all for.

The participation was great. EHERCC were particularly grateful to Dr John Lamar from the Albany Medical College, who participated and explained his EHE research project to the group and was able to also answer questions. After the presentation sections, there followed a lively discussion about things that the charity should be doing. Hugh commented: “With energy and passion like that in the group, we are going to achieve so much.

We would like to thank everybody who participated and hope to do a follow up call before the end of the year.

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