EHERCC Launches April Campaigns

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22 February 2016

EHERCC has launched its April 2016 Fundraising Month campaign as part of the EHE Group's International Fundraising Month strategy whereby we hope to have EHE supporters all over the world raising funds in April for EHE research. Kate Hooper, EHERCC Trustee, said " the idea came from our members who wanted to have a month each year when they would know that many people around the world would also be raising funds for EHE research. The group involvement is creating real momentum for all our members, their families and supporters. We are excited by the potential of this simple idea".

Jeff Collins, fellow Trustee expanded on the thinking behind the EHE Virtual 5K, an important part of the overall Fundraising Month. "Our US sister charity recognised that some people want to help, but just don't have the time to organise their own events. So rather than lose their help, the EHE group decided to propose the EHE Virtual 5K. This gives participants the chance to enroll themselves on a 5K event of their own timing and design, but for which they can raise sponsorship and support. People may do it on their own or in groups. They can run, jog, walk, cycle, swin or really tarvel the 5K by whatever means they want. And if 5K is too far in one go, then they can break it down into smaller sections and spread them through the month."

Hugh Leonard, Chair of Trustees, is excited by the possibilities. "If everybody gets behind the Fundraising Month it will be a potentially significant and exciting part of our annual fundraising strategy. This is an event that friends, family, work colleagues, in fact everybody can join. We hope that there will be great engagement. We thank everybody who considers supporting us and especially all those who carry through to organise their own event or take part in their own Virtual 5K in April".

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