EHERCC Launches Three Campaigns

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19 October 2015

The EHE Rare Cancer Charity has today launched three new Just Giving fundraising campaigns targeting different aspects of EHE research.

Our ‘Fight-back for Young Women’ campaign is aiming to raise £60,000 to help fund EHE-dedicated research to be conducted by Dr Rubin’s research team in the USA. EHE patient data provides a clinical signal that the onset of EHE is possibly connected to puberty in young girls and pregnancy in young women. The funds raised by this campaign will help accelerate critical research into EHE, including factors that make young women susceptible to EHE. To visit this campaign see:


Our ‘Plus One’ campaign aims to raise £60,000 to fund one more additional researcher to supplement Dr Rubin’s research team. The EHERCC is targeting this additional researcher to work in other critical areas of EHE research. To visit this campaign see:


Finally our ‘Cell Research’  campaign is targeting to raise £50,000 to fund research using the new EHE mouse cell model engineered by Dr Rubin’s team to allow for a significantly accelerated drug and treatment screening programme. To visit this campaign see:


Kate Hooper, Trustee of the EHERCC, said “ We are focused on raising the funds necessary to supplement Dr Rubin’s team with additional researchers and other key staff so that the different but equally-important strands of his research programme can continue in parallel. That will hopefully bring forward the day when we will begin to see drug and other treatment regimens that can successfully manage and control this rare cancer.”

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