EHERCC publishes its Annual Report and Financial Statements for 2017

node leader
15 August 2018

The EHERCC is delighted to be able to confirm that its Annual Report and Financial Statements for 2017 have been issued, following completion of the Independent Examiners review at the end of July. Jeff Collins noted “2017 was another very good year for the charity. We received unbelievable support from so many people, raising over £170,000 for EHE research”. Kate Hooper was equally delighted with the research achievement through the year. “Dr Rubin’s research progress was exciting” noted Kate. “His team has made excellent progress in two key areas – the mouse model and the development of a therapeutic drug screening assay – while here in the UK we are progressing discussions with two universities which we hope will lead to the first EHE research in the UK sponsored by us”.

Hugh Leonard, Chair of Trustees, particularly wanted to thank all  those who had supported the charity. “We want to thank all those who raised such large sums of money for EHE research; those who provided support for EHE patients through our social forums; the researchers, doctors and scientists who engaged with us and continue to be interested in EHE, and in particular Dr Robin Jones, Dr Robin Young and Dr Brian Rubin who together form our Research and Medical Advisory Team”. The Trustees all agreed that without these fantastic and varied contributions, the wonderful progress seen would not have been achieved.

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