ESMO EHE Consensus paper is completed

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25 March 2021

Last December we reported on the exciting news that the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO), as part of their strategy for the development of consensus-based clinical practice guidelines, held a virtual workshop on epithelioid haemangioendothelioma, chaired by Dr Silvia Stacchiotti. The meeting included around ninety clinical specialists from all over Europe, representing all major specialisms involved with the clinical treatment of EHE. In addition, invited groups from Japan and America also participated.

But the consensus meeting was just the start. Reviewing the consensus paper, prepared by the Dr Stacchiotti’s team prior to the meeting, all comments then needed to be incorporated into a second draft and circulated for final review. That was completed and we are now waiting for the final consensus paper to be published.

Of course we understand that with such a rare disease, there are still many areas of uncertainty associated with the clinical care and treatment of EHE. It was never intended that this paper would answer all questions. But it is certainly a great step forward to see the clinical knowledge that does exist pulled together in such a comprehensive way. This paper will also assist us in developing retrospective and prospective studies, as well as formulating our patient registry questionnaires, as we strive to fill the gaps in the clinical understanding of EHE.

We certainly want to thank Dr Stacchiotti, all her team, and all the specialists who attended the meeting and have given their time to reviewing and commenting on the final paper. On behalf of our global EHE community, we want to express our gratitude for your ongoing care and dedication to cancer care treatment and patient care.

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