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4 June 2015

Different member groups have actively engaged in the fundraising efforts of the EHERCC. Although the charity is still awaiting its final HMRC approval, this has not stopped individuals and their families from raising funds for research. Here are just a few examples.

Nicola, based in Bristol , was diagnosed last year with EHE. Nicola and her family and friends have set about raising funds for EHE research. Nicola’s first idea was to simply prepare and have donations buckets at her belated 30th Birthday Party. Her guests showed great support  and Nicola was able to raise several hundred pounds towards EHE research. Nicola’s friend Dee Woodward who has a design business, ByDeeSign, is donating part of her profits to support EHE research, which is wonderful. Meanwhile Nicola’s mum, Sue, organised cake sales in her place of work. Next up came her husband Mark’s decision to enter the Bristol 10km run to raise funds for EHE research. Mark is not a runner and so this was a significant challenge. But it turned out to be a challenge worth taking on as Mark’s and Nicola’s friends, colleagues and family, all got behind Mark with fantastic sponsorship generosity. Mark completed the race raising close to £2,000 (over $3,000) which included a generous £500 donation from Mark’s employer.

Nicola now has a friend’s husband who will be running the Bath half Marathon for the EHE cause, while Nicola’s friends have also come to the fundraising party. One friend had a skittle evening and those present decided to donate their loose change, plus prize money, leading to another £50. Then Nicola’s sister’s friend Emma, perhaps inspired by Mark, also ran a local 10km run raising a further £700 ($1,050) for EHE research.  We thank them all for their support and the funds raised.

Hugh, our Chair of Trustees has also started a personal fundraising programe. Hugh realised that he was spending £6 ($9) per day on bus fares to get to and from work. Seeing an additional benefit of improved fitness, Hugh decided to start walking and to donate the money saved each day to EHE research. He has also stopped buying his daily paper on the train. Hugh is saving approximately £150 ($225) per month through what he calls his ‘Walking for Research’ programme, and hopes to have donated £1,800 ($2,700) by the end of the year.


For additional news on fundraising by the EHE members worldwide please see copies of our quaterly newletter, "THE PLEDGE" in the RESOURCES section of this website.

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