Hugh Leonard meets Australian researcher

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8 November 2018

In early November Hugh Leonard had the pleasure of meeting with Australian Senior Post-doctoral Fellow, Holly Barker from the WEHI Stafford Fox Rare Cancer Research Program in Australia, when Holly was in London visiting the Institute of Cancer Research, sister organisation of the Royal Marsden Hospital.

Holly Barker works with Professor Clare Scott, a strong supporter of the EHE Foundation in Australia and of EHE patients worldwide . Prof. Scott's first engagement with EHE was in 2008 when she developed a patient registry for rare cancers as a direct result of the EHE work done by Cynthia Pollack (HEARD Registry).

Hugh and Holly had an hour and a half to talk about what is happening with regard to EHE, both clinically and in research. They covered a lot of ground, different research that is in progress, and ideas on ways to strengthen collaboration between all groups involved with EHE.

Hugh commented: “It gives me huge comfort to hear people like Holly talk about their work, and others, in fighting EHE. We have some frighteningly bright people in our corner, to use boxing terminology. But our members are all also playing a key role too in making this happen. It’s the collation of their data, their experiences, and their tissue samples that are helping these great researchers. And it’s their unbelievable fundraising that is allowing us to now fund real, dedicated EHE research across the globe.

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