Important Immunotherapy Meeting held at CTOS

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13 November 2016

While attending the CTOS Annual Conference in Lisbon, Hugh Leonard and Jane Gutkovich coordinated an important meeting with foundation advisors from the USA, UK and Australia.  The meeting provided Prof Izhak Haviv, Professor of Cancer Genomics at the School of Medicine, Bar Ilan University in Israel, to present his research proposal relating to the possible application of immunotherapy to EHE.

“The initial part of the project is a ‘proof-of-concept’, following the same research that has been successfully used on other cancers in the USA” commented Hugh Leonard. “If Prof Haviv can show that EHE does indeed react to this simple immunotherapy test, it will be an exciting step forward and open up other strands of research”.  The meeting concluded that the EHE foundations should continue to discuss the project with Prof Haviv, with a view to finalising the project if possible in early 2017.

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