Jane and Tarek Biddlecombe Honoured

node leader
4 December 2016

Jane Biddlecombe, one of the directors and founders of the EHE Rare Cancer Foundation Australia, and an EHE patient herself, was awarded the prestigious PRIDE OF AUSTRALIA medal, alongside her son Tarick, for establishing the EHE Rare Cancer Foundation, raising awareness, and vital funds to support important research into this rare cancer. This is an Australian-wide award that recognises everyday heroes from across the nation for ideals such as dedication, initiative, courage and charity. Tarick received his in honour of his Charity Bike Ride in support of the EHE Foundation, where he raised $3500.

Jane said “I’d like to dedicate this award to all the Directors of the EHE foundations in Australia, the UK and the US, and in particular Jono Granek, Hugh Leonard and Jane Gutkovich, who supported me every step of my journey and more recently, they have each spent over 100 volunteer hours working towards our next lifeline, a ground breaking immunotherapy project.”

Hugh Leonard, Chair of Trustees said “We are all delighted at this fantastic news and extremely proud of Jane and Tarek, both of whom have been rightfully recognised for their wonderful contributions. With people like this working to beat EHE, I am confident we will win our battle.”

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