Jessie’s Jars raise over £1,000 for EHE Research!

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3 February 2017

Kerry Hayman was diagnosed with EHE early in 2012. Her diagnosis was a huge shock to her and her family and friends. Like many of our members, it took a little time to get their heads around this news, but once they had, they decided to fight back by engaging in fundraising for EHE research.

Late last year, Kerry’s daughter, Jessie, who was 12 years old at the time, decided she would start collecting those “useless pennies” and other small coins in a jar for EHE. She then thought she would ask others to help, and so her Jessie Jars campaign was started. Throughout the fourth quarter Jessie had friends, family, and members of the public collecting and sending her their pennies. She soon added new five pound notes.

The campaign ended on 31st December, but a total was not immediately available as many jars still needed to be collected. But on 3rd February, Jessie was able to announce that her simple idea had raised a staggering £1,017.74 for EHE research.

Jeff Collins, Trustee of EHERCC, said “It amazes us how often it is the children of patients and younger members of our group that lead the way in getting ideas off the ground and delivering.”

Hugh Leonard, Chair of Trustees said “When the campaign started we had no idea what Jessie would raise - £50? £100? None of us thought it would raise over £1,000. We are truly amazed, and are so grateful for Jessie’s campaign, and inspired by her drive and determination to do something to help her mum, Kerry, and all the other EHE patients around the world who will benefit from EHE. Just awesome”

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