Jessie Jars are launched

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22 September 2016

Jessie is 12. She was devastated in February this year when her Mum, Kerry Hayman, was diagnosed with EHE. But she is fighting back, for her Mum and others with EHE, and decided to ask friends and family to save their small coins (and bigger ones if you want!) in jars until the new year. Then in January people can pay the saved funds into the charity bank account. EHERCC thought Jessie Jars was a great idea and have helped Jessie by setting up our Jessie Jar campaign page in Justgiving. You can visit the page at:

So please, start a Jessie Jar if you can, and ask others if they would do one too. Maybe if you end up with several family and friends all saving in their own Jessie Jars you can collect all the funds together in January and have one big paying in session at the bank.

Hugh Leonard said “It never ceases to amaze us how the youngsters in our EHE family can often be the trail blazers. Jessie wants and needs your help, so why not set your jar up now! If a 12 year-old can do this, we all can!”

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