London Landmarks Half Marathon is back on!

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15 June 2021

Last year the EHE Rare Cancer Charity had 52 runners ready to run in the London Landmarks Half Marathon at the end of March. Then after five months of training, the race was cancelled due to COVID19. The EHE team were totally gutted. Hugh Leonard summed it up:

I got back from my final four hour session running and cycling in the gym, only to be told that the race was cancelled. Like everybody else I was just totally deflated. The only good thing was that all of our original 40 places were carried over to 2021

The reality is that EHE of course never relents or gives up, and we have to fight it with the same relentless energy and drive. So as soon as the 2021 race was announced the EHE Rare Cancer Charity went out with a call for volunteers.

By August this year the UK will have rolled out a huge amount of COVID vaccine. We will once again be allowed out! The weather will be perfect. The only thing missing from this idyllic picture is a half marathon to run in! But don't be down-hearted. We can help. We have 40 places in the London Landmarks Half Marathon in August. 15 of our brilliant runners from last year's cancelled race are running this year. But we need 25 more. So dust off your running shoes. Get out the shirts and shorts. It will be brilliant.

Once again we got a wonderful response and soon had filled the 40 places with brilliant runners, in a team called the EHEAwesome40! The training is underway, running shirts are being ordered, and fundraising pages are live. We cannot thank everybody who is taking part  enough for their wonderful support.


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