London Landmarks Half Marathon postponed

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23 March 2020

The EHE Rare Cancer Charity has been successful in securing a certain number of places in the annual London Landmarks Half Marathon each year since its inception in 2018. The 2020 event was scheduled for the 29 March, and with 41 brave souls training hard for the big day, it looked like the 2020 version of this event would be another success.

Sadly the London Landmarks Half was just one of many sporting casualties around the globe, with the announcement of its postponement happening just two weeks before the event itself. “Gutted” was the most common word amongst the many posts about the delay. Hugh Leonard, Chair of Trustees explained “we knew there was a chance it would not take place, but as people were training hard there was always a hope that we might just get to run it. However, events have moved fast, and we completely understand why the decision was made. These are tough times and we, more than most, know how precious good health is. So we totally support the decision. We hope that the run will be re-organised later in the year. In the meantime we want to say thank you to all the runners who were planning to run for us, training in the relentless rain that seemed to be a feature of this winter. Keep training, stay healthy and Just live. And of course we want to thank all the people who sponsored them and whose generously donated funds will support EHE research.

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