Mariana continues European engagement

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31 January 2021

Mariana Coutinho lives in Portugal and is a well-known member of our global EHE community because of her ongoing engagement and regular contributions. But Mariana is not only active within the EHE community. She is passionate about helping to contribute to not only EHE matters, but also broader rare cancer issues, across the European community.

In January Mariana was thrilled to update us when, during one of her European engagements, EHE was the focus of the discussion:

I am attending a webinar provided by ESMO and Rare Cancers Europe and Dr Paolo Casali from Milan mentioned EHE and the meeting organised by ESMO one month ago that brought together many EHE experts from all over the world! He also mentioned that they will publish a consensus paper that will pull together the agreed views about EHE of these experts. Absolutely amazing that we and EHE are the subject of this meeting. It makes me hopeful that we are closer to achieving more clarity about our disease.

The consensus meeting was organised and chaired by Dr Silvia Stacchiotti, who is well known to the EHE Group, and was reported by us in December. We agree with Mariana that this consensus paper represents  amazing progress in our battle against EHE, and are hugely grateful to Dr Stacchiotti, the experts who participated, and ESMO, for their invaluable contributions.

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