Mount Kilimanjaro conquered for EHE research

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25 October 2018

Jane Biddlecombe, Director of the EHE Rare Cancer Foundation in Australia posted her thanks to Jo-Ann Pattinson, Darwin born and bred but now living in Yorkshire in the UK, for donating both money and energy to the EHE Rare Cancer Charity in the UK  and the EHE Rare Cancer Foundation Australian. Earlier this year Jo had raised £1000 in the UK running in the London Landmarks Half Marathon as one of the EHE21 team.

In October Jo completed another huge challenge; a 7 day hike up Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa. A gruelling hike that sees walkers having to dig deep to get to the top with many struck down with altitude sickness. Jo herself said “Hardest thing I’ve ever done by a long way. Amazing experience! 7 day climb. The summit climb started at 11pm on 17/10, and we walked & scrambled with head torches through the night until we summited at 9am on 18/10/18. Then you have to get down again which is a whole different issue!  Amazing local team of guides.

We join Jane in thanking Jo for choosing the EHERCC to support on this exciting adventure. Another awesome EHE warrior.

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