NanoKnife and IRE Ablation

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9 January 2018

Discussions about IRE ablation of EHE tumours have continued, and are spurred on by posts from within the EHE community about this ablation technique and its application to EHE tumours. In the USA Dr Raj Narayanan is leading the IRE charge, based in Miami, and is also in the process of writing a paper about the EHE patients he has been treating over the past three years.

However, use of IRE for EHE in the UK has not yet taken place, and so in December, Hugh Leonard held separate meetings with several interventional radiologists including Dr Praveen Peddu (Kings College and London Bridge Hospitals) and Prof Tze Wah (Leeds Teaching Hospital and Chair of the British Society of Interventional Radiology). All were keen to discuss EHE treatment with IRE, and to perhaps start to see the technique used in appropriate cases. However, IRE is not currently approved by NICE for NHS usage with EHE so access at the moment is almost entirely private. We say ‘almost’ as there was agreement that there could be cases where doctors and radiologists might be able to argue for EHE under the NHS. Hugh is hoping to have follow up meetings in 2018 to discuss EHE further.

The EHE foundations will continue to promote IRE ablation for patients in their respective areas, as well as promoting and facilitating collaboration between the different experts in the different countries. As part of this important development of a collaborative network, Prof Wah and Dr Narayanan were connected by the EHE group so that the UK could gain access to Dr Narayanan’s growing expertise.

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