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8 May 2021

Fed up with COVID and having endured a significant period of shielding, Nicola Henderson decided that it was time to get out and get motivated now that she was vaccinated!

“So I have decided to do a personal challenge and hopefully raise a few ££ for EHE research. 1st April till 7th May is 37 days. 7th of May 2021 is my 37th birthday. I want to walk 370,000 steps on those 37 days. It’s only 10,000 a day. Not a huge amount for most people but for me to get up and out and do this every day would be a big deal.”

As a liver transplant patient, Nicola has had to endure greater levels of social distancing, including in her own home. Recovering from a major transplant is a physically and psychologically daunting process at any time, but adding COVID restrictions on top of all of this makes the process so much harder. But one thing is certain, Nicola is a fighter, and with vaccinations done and the situation improving, she decided it was time to get out!

“I’ve had enough, I have spent way too long in my house which has been very tough. I feel up to doing this now, I want to get out and about more, I want to get my fitness back and I need the outside world!! I feel a shell of my former self if I’m honest. I need to do something for me and this just feels a good starting point. I know my amazing donor would be cheering me on and I want to do this for them also. 14th April marks 2 years post-transplant. I really am so lucky. Let’s do this!

Nicola and her supporters have always been tremendous fundraisers for the charity, and we were not surprised to see Nicola set up a donation page tied to her 37 day walking challenge. We love the spirit and determination that Nicola has once again shown, and her desire to also help others by raising funds for EHE research. So we were also especially delighted to see her finishing post. 

“It’s my BIRTHDAY!!!! I’ve done it!! 372,981 my target was 370,000!! I was determined to see what my body was capable of, it’s not been easy some days but I’ve done it!!!! My new hoody says it all, HOPE!  I have raised over £1000!! I can’t believe it!!! I can’t tell you how much that means to us, it gives me and all the EHE patients HOPE for a future without this cancer in our lives! But today I’m feeling lucky to be 37 and I feel so loved!!!!!!  Thank you so much everyone!! I love you all

Thank you Nicola for another inspirational campaign. Congratulations, and keep walking!

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