Nicola pleads for COVID-19 to be taken seriously

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29 March 2020

The coronavirus pandemic and resultant Covid-19 illness is scary for everybody, but there is a small group in society for who it is extremely frightening. For these high-risk patients, macho and mindless behaviour by members of the public ignoring the government’s social restrictions puts their lives at risk, and those of the public.

Nicola Henderson from Yate in south-west England is one such high-risk individual, following her liver transplant in 2019 due to EHE. Nicola and her friend Leanne Woodruff were determined to try and educate as many people as they could in their area about the predicament of people like Nicola. So they took Nicola’s story to the local paper who were delighted to try and help. Leanne, with no journalistic training or back-ground, wrote an excellent article which we hope will help people understand why social distancing and restricted living conditions are so important.

We want to thank Nicola and Leanne for taking the initiative, and spelling out for people the risks faced by patients with significant medical conditions like EHE. Well done indeed.

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