A Portuguese connection

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15 November 2017

The EHE group has members across all continents and in many countries. The Facebook contributions are truly global in nature. In 2017, this international coverage included Mariana Coutinho who travelled to visit the Royal Marsden as her own doctors in Portugal have no experience with EHE. As a result of these consultations, Mariana is now looking to have IRE ablation in the UK in January next year. Mariana was delighted with the care and advice she got.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my experience” posted Mariana “since it might help someone else, and once again thank this group because without you I would never get here.

We are so happy that Mariana was able to make such good progress. We wish her luck for her future treatment in London. It is not always easy for international patients to secure the treatment and care they desire, for a number of reasons, but we will continue to assist them in any way we can.

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