Post-doctoral research associate joins Dr Rubin’s team

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31 October 2016

In February 2016, EHERCC was able to donate US$180,000 to Dr Rubin’s research programme at the Cleveland Clinic in the USA, to fund an additional post-doctoral researcher for his EHE team. After a long and fruitful search including the review of over 100 applications, Dr. Che Kepeng joined the Rubin lab as a post-doctoral research associate in late October.

After completing her PhD studies from the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2002, Dr. Che joined the laboratory of Dr. Michael Gelb at the University of Washington where she worked on protein-related projects focused on measuring cell membrane proteins. In 2007 she moved to the Cleveland Clinic where she worked with Dr. Donald Jacobsen on Vitamin B12 and with Dr. Erik Pioro on proteins associated with amyotropic lateral sclerosis (ALS). She has extensive expertise in protein biochemistry, molecular biology, and mouse models of human diseases.

Dr Rubin said “She will be a valuable addition to the Rubin lab as she will focus her efforts on developing methods to identify new therapeutic compounds for EHE and to characterize a genetically engineered mouse EHE model.” EHERCC was delighted to welcome Dr Che to the programme and we wish her every success as she brings her skills and knowledge to bare on the battle against EHE.

Dr Rubin’s EHE Team shown in the picture ; (left to right) Shuang Ma (Research Associate), Andrea Hallet (Technician), Brian Rubin, Ashley Kendig (Technician), Kepeng Che (Postdoctoral researcher)

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