Reaching out to UK sarcoma centres

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10 November 2020

One of the key objectives of the UK charity is to promote the work that we and the wider EHE Group are doing; to make sure as many people as possible know that the EHERCC exists and is here to support EHE patients. Hugh Leonard, Chair of Trustees, explained:

A key group who we want to make sure know about us are the clinicians who will almost certainly be the very first people to tell somebody that they have been diagnosed with EHE. In an ideal world, at that very first conversation with a new patient, they would be able to say “but you are not alone. Here is an organisation that is ready to provide information and support if you want to reach out to them.

To try and maximise the chance of that happening, the EHERCC writes every year to every sarcoma unit in the U.K., explaining what the charity does, and sends them copies of the charity’s annual report.

This year we also sent each of them one of our new 2021 Wall Calendars as a gift, with the suggestion that they hang it in their sarcoma offices to just help bring a little more awareness of this ultra-rare sarcoma. And of course enjoy the brilliant photos!!

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