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16 April 2017

Julie Rivers Wahl of the EHE Foundation (USA) introduced the EHE community to a wonderful group called #Run4. The group complete 4 challenges a year to raise money for different causes. Julie shared her daughter Delaney's EHE story and the group chose the EHE Foundation as their cause for March! The group’s 100 mile challenge sounds difficult, but participants can choose different ways to participate! Each participant pledges to give at least 10 cents ‘per mile’ which adds up to $10 for the month.  Logs of miles completed are kept and posted daily, while medals are awarded for the finishers with prizes for the top performers. This wonderful group was very excited to raise money for EHE in #Run4JustLive. Julie’s whole family, along with many friends and other supporters, joined over 250 people who signed up for the challenge, and incredibly raised over $11,000.

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