Stem cell project to study EHE

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31 December 2018

The EHERCC is also delighted to be able to report that its second UK research project , a PhD at the University of Manchester, will start early in 2019. The project, led by Dr Valerie Kouskoff, will set out to address the following questions:

  1. How does TAZ-CAMTA1 expression affect the biological characteristics of endothelial cells?
  2. How does TAZ-CAMTA1 expression modify the transcriptional landscape of endothelial cells?
  3. Can TAZ-CAMTA1-expressing endothelial cells engraft in mice and provide an in vivo model of EHE?

Dr Kouskoff also hopes to create induced pluripotent stem cells using patient-donated tumour cells. These pluripotent stem cells will represent a unique and powerful approach to study the biology of EHE. The research will aim to understand better how the EHE cancer cells arise and proliferate. This research will also aim to generate and maintain enough EHE cancer cells in the laboratory to test drugs that could stop the proliferation or kill these cells.

At the end of the year Dr Kouskoff was extremely pleased to be able to report that the recruitment process for the PhD student for the project had been completed during the fourth quarter with an exceptional candidate accepting the post. We look forward to meeting her in due course and wish her every success with this research.

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