UK charity launches first EHE Wall Calendar

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10 October 2020

September saw Anna Wydro’s idea of creating an EHE Wall Calendar for 2021 take off. Her idea was simply to use landscape photographs from around the world, donated by EHE Group members, to reflect the fact that our EHE family is also global. So posts went out asking anybody who had a great landscape photo of somewhere they love, or somewhere that looked stunning, to put it forward for the calendar. Anna explained:

We want to cover all seasons, so don’t worry about what season your photo represents. We also want to be able to say where the photo is of, so please tell us where the photo was taken, and if you can remember, the approximate time of year or maybe month?

The response was fantastic with literally hundreds of photos submitted. Selecting the final twelve was so difficult, but in the end Anna was able to pick 12 stunning photos. The calendar design is being finalised. In addition to the 12 photos, the calendar will include a memorial section, remembering all the members of our EHE family who are no longer with us. Hugh Leonard explained:

We spend a lot of time talking about raising funds, research, patient support and advocacy. Those are all core objectives, but we also wanted to remember all our friends and EHE family members whose lives have been cut short by EHE. We will never forget them.

There will also be information pages about EHE, the EHE Group, and the international research collaboration that we are jointly funding. Anybody who wants to see the calendar and possibly order some should go to:

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