UK Trustees visit Manchester PhD

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25 April 2019

2019 saw the start of the second EHE-dedicated piece of research to be commissioned by the EHE Rare Cancer Charity in the UK. Led by Dr Valerie Kouskoff at the Department of Developmental Biology and Medicine at the University of Manchester, the project is hoping to begin to understand how EHE is affecting the development of endothelial cells. In late April, Hugh Leonard, Kate Hooper and Elizabeth Milligan, all trustees of the EHERCC, visited the department to meet the team and spend half a day reviewing the science.

The trustees were very impressed. “Three of us went to Manchester for a presentation of the PhD we are funding“ commented Kate. “Emily Neil is the PhD student and she has made a great start. I think this team are going to turn up some very interesting results on how the TAZ-CAMTA1 fusion works and as a result, help us deliver more ideas on how to manage and defeat EHE”.

The project has only just begun, but already some interesting observations have been made. We look forward to reporting more results in the near future.

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