YAP, TAZ and TEAD Workshop

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24 June 2019

Dr Guy Weinberg, who set up the Cravat Foundation, established a  workshop that meets each year in Telluride, Colorado, to discuss advances and developments in understanding YAP, TAZ and TEAD, the genes affected by the translocation responsible for EHE.  These genes contribute to many common types of cancer and the overarching goal of the workshop is to bring experts in that field  into the study of EHE. This leverages the recognized biological importance of YAP, TAZ and TEAD to increasing the value in studying a rare cancer - one that is important to us, but would otherwise be under the radar.

The EHERCC was pleased when Dr Fredericus van Eeden from the Bateson Centre at the University of Sheffield, PI in the EHE zebrafish modeling project, was able to attend and present the results of their work. We were particularly pleased to be able to contribute to the costs and so help enable Dr van Eeden to attend this important group.

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