Our governance


Regulatory compliance

Ensuring we meet high standards of governance and control within all areas of the operations and activities of The EHE Rare Cancer Charity (UK) is essential to meet our regulatory and legal requirements, to deliver an efficient and successful programme, and to provide all our stakeholders with confidence that their support is justified and any funds provided are appropriately used.

The Trustees will ensure that the EHE Rare Cancer Charity (UK) meets its statutory reporting and legal requirements at all times. Where necessary the Trustees will engage appropriate professional assistance, including legal and financial advisors, to ensure that full compliance has been achieved, and fulfil any statutory auditing obligations. Annual and other statutory reports will be made available through our website.


Other reporting

In addition to statutory reporting the Trustees will ensure that regular internal financial reporting is maintained as well as regular reporting of all other key areas of its activities and operations.

Review and reporting on the progress of research we are funding will be conducted on a regular basis. A condition of grant awards will be the provision of progress reports by the grant recipients. This is seen as a key element of the open and collaborative approach we seek to foster in all research that we support.