Our principles


Our principles

The EHE Rare Cancer Charity (UK) will adhere to the following principles throughout all its operations and activities:

Compassion: People may engage with us at any time and from anywhere, seeking support and guidance at times of great anxiety. We will engage at all times with compassion and seek to provide introductions to members of our group who will have empathy with the emotional stress that living with EHE can cause.

Discrimination: Our support and assistance is open to all people. We will help anybody who is battling with the EHE rare cancer. We will not discriminate by nationality, ethnicity, religion, age, gender, social status, wealth, politics or any other characterisation.

Ethics: We will conduct our activities at all time with high ethical standards. We will not accept money from sources that we cannot identify or that we deem to have been unethically raised.

Confidentiality: We will ensure that we treat all data and information we receive with the utmost confidentiality, and in line with data protection legislation.

Governance: We will maintain high standards of governance and control commensurate with international charitable organisations. We will meet all our statutory reporting requirements and ensure we comply with laws applicable within our areas of activity.

Research: We will seek to ensure that all research we fund is carried out in an open and collaborative manner and that results are shared with others in the research community.

Grant applications: We will consider applications for funding from all sources. As a small charity, however, we will strive to ensure that our funding is used to support research that fits into a coherent overall research strategy.

Use of funds: We will ensure that the greatest possible percentage of funds we receive is used for front-line research, by minimising the business running-costs of the charity.

Individual support: We will continue to help anybody with EHE through engagement and support. We cannot, however, provide financial support to individuals. Our members may choose to do this at a personal level, but this is for each individual to consider.

Remuneration: In line with UK legislation the Trustees of our charity do not receive any remuneration for the roles they fulfil. The EHE rare Cancer Charity (UK) is entirely run by the Trustees and by volunteers.